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WHY IGBOS ARE AHEAD OF Other tribes said by FORMER PRESIDENT CHIEF O. OBASANJO and also described Igbos As the Most Intelligent and gifted tribe in the whole world And Also said that HAUSA MAN sees KANO as his world And a Yoruba man Sees LAGOS as his world,,But an IGBO MAN sees the whole world as his village.

From the extensive research I did on the three major tribes, I find out that the Igbos are the most westernized, most enterprising, most astute, most dynamic, most intelligent (smart), and the most technically gifted tribe found among the black race. The Hausa/Fulani and the Yorubas have limitations. But an Igbo man doesn’t see any limitations.

An average Igbo man is highly competitive, unlike the Yoruba and the Hausa/Fulani. While the Yoruba and the Hausa/Fulani had kingdoms which enabled the British to infiltrate their territories easily, the Igbos on the other hand, had what could be called Chiefdoms” autonomous Communities. These structures made it very difficult to tame the Igbos.

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It took the British just 9 months to tame the North and South West but almost 30 years to be able to tame the Igbos. The British had to send a team of anthropologists to the South to understudy the Igbo because, they (the British) acknowledged they hadn’t being up against a black race with such depth and intelligence coupled with the gut to confront the whites and learn from them so, so fast.

While a Tinubu, can have unrestricted influence over the Yoruba tribe, something you can only find mostly among blacks and some poor nations on earth today, an Igbo man can never be tamed by the ideology of one man unchecked, no matter how highly placed he or she is.

That’s why the Igbos are very successful no matter where they find themselves. They don’t believe in putting limitations on their path. You can only find such similarities among the Europeans, the Americans, and developed Asian tiger nations. A Hausa/Fulani man sees Kano as his world. A Yoruba man sees Lagos as his world.

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