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How To Create A Website For Beginners – Easy Steps in 2019




Ademola Adam  October 2nd 2019



You cannot think of a website that only meets your ideas and does not appeal to the visitors.

Creating a website today isn’t as difficult as it seems. Here are 10 simple steps to design a webpage on your own!



Long before you start with a website you have to decide on what domain name you are going to use.

This is an important decision to be made as the domain name shall become an identity of you on the internet for everything you create on the website.

This URL shall remain permanent to all the activities you do on the website and your visitors will recognize you by this name only.

Think about a name that resonates the ideas/products/services etc that you are going to share with the audience through the web pages. It has to be creative, unique and perfect to express your thoughts behind the brand.



After you are done choosing a domain name for yourself and checked its availability on the web, its time to make a purchase.

A lot of registering services sell the webpage based on yearly programs, 3-year plans and more in costs as low of 10$

Registering domain name gets easier when you are buying from a web hosting service partner who makes it easy to connect to the hosting service too.



After your website is registered and the URL address is now on your name, its time to host it on the web.

Tons of web hosting services partners help you host the website on the web, devise a customer support system, offer a lot of free space, and assist with the speed and traffic space.



If you have chosen a web hosting service that provides for a domain name and hosting service both it’s best to skip this step


But if you have a separate domain name provider and web hosting service you will have to connect the domain name to the web hosting service.

Contact the web host server and ask for your DNS or web host to plug your DNS to the domain name registrar account. For this, you can contact your domain name registrar and ask them to connect the domain name to the web hosting service.


Having made your domain name your hosting account is created.

This is where your website demands personalization. Install a Content Management System that is popular for managing, customizing and building up a website. WordPress happens to be the most reliable and picked CMS to assist in webpage designing at Justgoweb Digital.

With the flexibility to customize the web page as per needs, WordPress is a great option for the bloggers and self-run businesses to operate a website. WordPress is a leader in providing for cost-friendly plug-ins, themes, tools, font and more.


A theme of the website is the outlay is visible to the audience and makes the website usage desirable. With alignment, color, frame, background, etc the theme contributes to designing the web pages in a universal design that works throughout the website.

Depending upon the idea that your website is working on, the theme can be chosen and put to the website.


A theme just sets the mood of the website and an immediate outlay. Your website is also defined by the fonts that you choose, the color of the website, framing, etc. And for this, a while dashboard is dedicated to personalization!

The use of websites is highly influenced by the plugins used If it is a commercial website one might need a cart system, payment gateway, social media spaces, profile sharing frames, etc.

These are all connected with the help of plug-ins. The plug-ins automate the website in a lot of aspects making it a wholesome experience to operate and work for the audience as well.


Just when the plug-ins have been connected, the website is ready to add content. You can start posting content on the ready pages like Home, contact, etc.

The pages like the About Us, Blog, etc can be added through the dashboard to make the website interactive with the users.

As and when new content is posted the website starts growing with the number of web pages it has in its gamut.


Web pages form a part of the website. These come together to make for the website altogether.

As and when you keep adding new content to the website in the form of blog posts, Home Page, Products, Services, or other information new and new web pages are created. These web pages with new keywords and SEO techniques can appeal to masses and generate traffic too.

Creating a web page can be as simple as putting together chosen features of websites on a Content Management System and taking it live! Follow these simple steps to make creative web pages that make your website attractive!




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