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Mixed Reaction On Internet As Nigerian Lady Says ‘It Is A Taboo To Fart In The Presence Of Your Husband’



A Nigerian lady has caused a buzz on social media with her traditional views on dos and don’ts of married women – According to the lady identified as Lisa Kanu, it is a taboo for a woman to fart in the presence of her husband – Lisa also stated that it is also wrong for a woman to consume beer or other alcoholic beverage in her husband’s presence When it comes to ensuring a peaceful and happy marriage/relationship, different things seem to work for different people and as the world evolves, so does marital practices.

However, this Facebook user identified as Lisa Kanu, is nowhere close to letting go of her traditional beliefs and has taken to social media to spread the word and remind people about the importance of respecting traditions.

Amongst several things listed, Kanu stated that it is a taboo for a married Igbo woman to fart in the presence of her husband. According to her, if such happens, the woman is expected to tender an immediate apology to her husband.

According to her, failure to tender an apology in the olden days often resulted in the wife being sent back to her parents’ home for more training on how to be a wife. Kanu who was very particular about this, stated that even if it’s the husband who farts in his wife’s presence, the wife is expected to praise him and nothing else.

She went on to state that it is also very wrong for a woman to drink alcohol in the presence of her husband. According to her, a wife is only allowed to drink non-alcoholic beverages.

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