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Just in case you are wondering, MTN also offers double data bonus.

MTN which is regarded as the largest mobile network in Nigeria offers its customers a unique opportunity to get a double data bonus on data subscription plans.

This double data bonus is not known to a lot of people. But thankfully, you will get to know all you need to know about it here. Truth be said, this is more like an incentive to get new customers, but who cares.

As long as I can enjoy it and you can enjoy it, it doesn’t matter why it was introduced. Considering the fact that MTN has the largest network coverage in Nigeria, you will argue that this data bonus will be appreciated more than similar bonus offered by other network providers.

The good news is that this is not a cheap and would not require you to do any tweaking or whatever it is people do. To learn how to activate this data bonus, continue reading

NOTE:The sim must be upgraded to 4G or new 4G sim

Summary on MTN 100% Data Bonus

MTN data PlansPrice (₦)How to SubscribeValidity
1.5GB500*131*103#14 Days
7GB2000*131*110#30 Days
13GB3500*131*107#30 Days
22GB5000*131*116#30 Days
50GB10,000*131*117#30 Days
80GB15,000*131*150#30 Days
120GB20,000*131*118#60 Days
200GB30.000*131*138#60 Days
240GB50,000*131*133#180 Days
30GB75,000*131*134#180 Days

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