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The Security Department has debunked the media account widely publicized that a man was arrested and was remanded for killing bats, this was made known in a statement released by the Security Department and Signed by the University CSO, the statement read in Part

The attention of the Department has been drawn to a publication via an online news platform that one Femi Afolabi has been remanded for killing bats on OAU Campus. The department wishes to state that this is far from the truth.

The Department also wishes to state that this is the fourth time that Femi Afolabi has been arrested. The arrests were necessitated by continuous damage of the University stakeholders’ properties, all in an attempt to hunt for bats. We have on record with case files, more than 16 windscreen which were broken due to this same purpose of bat hunting with catapults.


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The Department also said he wrote an undertaking and violated it’s terms;

Femi Afolabi signed an undertaking the last time he was arrested with a promise that he would stop hunting bats with catapults – an act which in the past resulted in damage of properties and on one occasion, injury to a University official.

He was arrested for the fourth time on 13th January, 2020 and handed over to the Nigerian Police. The police, acting on previous intelligence and Femi’s undertaking however charged him to court. The Magistrate ordered that he be granted bail to the tune of N100,000.

The Department also decries what it called fragmented Headlines;

While the department encourages responsible journalism, it calls for decorum with respect to presentation of facts and not use fragmented headlines capable of inflaming passion


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