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What Happened to This Gabonese Woman in OPM will Leave You in Tears (Video)



This is a very touching story that will leave you in tears!

On the 18th of September 2019, during the opening of the latest 13th OPM free school in Ada-George, a certain Gabonese woman showed up at the gate with her children but little did she know that God had remembered her right there at the gate where she stood. She could barely even speak English, French was all she knew but While she stood praying in her mind that God remembers her, she was beckoned on and had the opportunity to narrate her ordeal.

Tears streamed down her eyes as she with the help of an interpreter recounted on how her kids were out of school because of the inability to afford school fees, her Imo state born Nigerian husband was battling with a leg cancer that had crippled them financially, it was difficult to eat a meal a day and it was even more difficult to maintain the tiny shabby cubicle they lived in. Perhaps, in her mind she prayed that daddy allowed one or two of her children to go to the free school but little did she know that it was just the beginning.

Not only did Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere offer scholarship to all her children, he further asked the woman and her family to move into an apartment in the OPM free estate and asked that she be given the sum of 500,000 naira. The shocked woman who couldn’t contain her joy wept profusely as she rolled on the floor thanking Daddy and the God who had called him.

Gabonese Woman Gets Free House, Money for Business and Scholarship for her kids from OPM

The OPM media team immediately swung into action and set out to her house to verify her claims. It was discovered that indeed her husband had been battling with leg cancer and that they lived in a pitiable condition. One of the children even lamented about how it had been a long time they watched a TV set.

True to his word and without delay, Apostle Chibuzor made sure that the family was moved into an apartment in the OPM free Estate the next day. So, on the 19th of September 2019, Ugochukwu’s family was moved into a fully furnished apartment in the OPM free estate and of course Daddy did not forget to add a TV set so that the children are happy.

The family who couldn’t contain their joy thanked the man of God for everything that God used him to do for them. They talked about how life had been very difficult for them. The man and woman were both jobless and begged around to feed until God used apostle Chibuzor to change their story. They said that they didn’t know that there was money in the church until Apostle Chibuzor started saying it, no other pastor has been bold enough to openly confess that there was a lot of Money coming into the church, they begged every pastor to lend helping hands to their less privileged members.

Their children couldn’t believe they were going back to school, they couldn’t believe that they had a new apartment that was not a small scummy shack, they also couldn’t believe that they now had a Television set to watch as much as they want.

The laughter and smiles on the faces of the family was heart-warming, in less than 24hours the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ugochukwu moved from crying tears of sorrow to crying tears of joy.

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